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March 9, 2012

Victoria Centeno models in stunning Hatsune Miku cosplay

Victoria Centeno models in stunning Hatsune Miku cosplay

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Victoria Centeno ( a stunning cosplayer from the United States and in these images she shows the grace of herself and connects easily with the fans of Hatsune Miku. In the world of reality and unreality, then for many individuals Hatsune Miku is the perfect girlfriend, friend, character, and for cosplay lovers, then an amazing character to imitate. Therefore, Modern Tokyo Times was honored when the exquisite Victoria Centeno agreed to model in the image of Hatsune Miku.

In the world of cosplay Victoria Centeno is called “Cosplay Girl” in the United States and clearly this stunning cosplayer and model is highly respected and in demand. Over several years her reputation keeps on rising because of her sultry looks and amazing versatility. This means that Victoria Centeno, just like Hatsune Miku, can bridge cultures and different thought patterns because of her gracefulness.

Victoria Centeno comments on her website that “I work as a full time preschool teacher and part time model. My cosplay has been featured on multiple sites including Entertainment Weekly, MTV’s Blog and Rolling Stone. I have also appeared in Latina Magazine and was named the Queen of Cosplay by the Modern Tokyo Times and Axiom Magazine. I am Miss April in the Angry Girls 2012 calendar. My image has been featured in everything from television commercials to comic books. I’m an official Slave Leia model for Gentle Giant Studios and have worked as a booth babe for other companies and products such as the Terminal Alice comic. I’ve participated in the Women of Wonder Day charity event for the past two years. I’ve been cosplaying since 2006.”

Therefore, with cosplay and modeling running through her veins the “desire” of Modern Tokyo Times was for Victoria Centeno and Hatsune Miku to meet in the world of cosplay. After all,( who views this website will note how this beautiful cosplayer can play stunning cosplay roles of adoreable characters. This meant that the image of Hatsune Miku which is so appealing in Japan and internationally, had to be played by a lady who could bring her unique and sultry looks to this character, and without a shadow of a doubt Victoria Centeno filled the bill one hundred per cent.

Hatsune Miku

In Japan even people outside of the world of anime and the world of Vocaloid understand the image of Hatsune Miku. This means that for the world of cosplay Hatsune Miku is also a dream ticket because of her gracefulness, stunning figure, adorable features, and so forth. Not only this, Hatsune Miku is extremely cute and her persona changes for all individuals who love this character.

Therefore, just like the professional cosplayer should enter the world of the character that they portray; then the cosplayer and Hatsune Miku meet perfectly in the middle in the world of reality and unreality. The persona of Hatsune Miku changes for each individual and alternatively the cosplayer changes their individual persona to blend naturally with the character they are highlighting.

Clearly, the images taken by the esteemed photographer, Carl Maiorino, shows that Victoria Centeno changed her persona. Therefore, after putting on the beautiful costume the sultry looks of this elegant cosplayer entered the world of Hatsune Miku.

The digital avatar from Japan is now big business throughout the world and the popularity will surely continue because of the versatility of Hatsune Miku. Also, the lovely eyes and pony tails appeal sexually to other individuals and given that you can’t argue with Hatsune Miku, then for many this character is the “perfect girlfriend” in the world of reality and unreality.

Therefore, the fan base of Hatsune Miku keeps on growing and runs into the millions. Not only this, major companies like Toyota want to join the bandwagon because of the marketability of the “adorable Hatsune Miku.” Indeed, Victoria Centeno looks “like a refreshing ray of sunshine” in a world which often is surrounded by stress or mundaneness. However, when you see the elegance and beauty of Victoria Centeno in such stunning cosplay images of Hatsune Miku, then you can understand why some people prefer the “perfect vocaloid.”

The Anime Nation website commented that “No other character in the history of anime has ever become quite so widely and lovingly embraced by not only otaku but by mainstream Japanese society and the larger world. Hatsune Miku may be the most fascinating character ever to appear in the anime world because so many different attributes concentrate within her persona. By design and circumstance, Hatsune Miku encapsulates and represents a greater spectrum of concepts interesting to otaku than any other character to have ever emerged from the anime/manga universe.”

“Otaku have been fascinated with the concept of a digital idol since the 1985 OVA Megazone 23. Hatsune Miku is literally a real Eve Tokimatsuri, a completely fictional digital idol singer whose popularity has spilled over into actual mainstream society. Hatsune Miku is, in effect, an anime concept actually developing and existing in real life.”

In a past article featuring the adorable Victoria Centeno she commented that “I enjoy breathing life into characters that I love and respect. Cosplay is a form of self and artistic expression. I love the process and being creative.”

This says everything about this charming and sophisticated lady who balances such a busy work schedule with complete professionalism. Victoria Centeno bridges different characters and cultures with ease because of her professionalism, stunning features, vibrancy, and love of cosplay. Indeed, these characteristics for the lovers of Hatsune Miku match very well.

Modern Tokyo Times would like to thank Victoria Centeno for being such a graceful and beautiful model. Also, Modern Tokyo Times would like to thank Carl Maiorino who took such amazing images. It is hoped that one day Victoria Centeno will grace Tokyo and witness the power of cosplay in Japan. – Victoria Centeno Carl Maiorino

Images belong to Modern Tokyo Times but can be used on request providing you highlight the name of the model and photographer. Also, quote Modern Tokyo Times.

September 17, 2011

Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) is a Stunning Cosplay lady from Mexico

Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) is a Stunning Cosplay lady from Mexico

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) is a stunning cosplayer from Mexico and her astonishing looks means that this talented lady can play various classy characters with ultimate ease.  Not only this, but Veronica clearly loves Japanese cosplay and international cosplay and this can be seen by her diverse and exquisite images.

Veronica is from Mexico City and this elegant young lady will turn 26 years old on September 19.  However, despite her young age it is apparent that cosplay runs through her veins because Veronica first started doing cosplay eleven years ago.

This charming lady is extremely busy and she is also a cosmaker and does cosplay commission when time permits.  Veronica prefers to wear cosplay in a natural environment rather than enter contests.  This is a blessing in disguise for cosplayers who enter contests because Veronica with her elegance and style would certainly be challenging for number one spot.

Veronica is extremely articulate and her Alice in Wonderland image shows her stunning beauty and this is matched by a beautiful pose which melts the heart.

Mexican magazines have highlighted Veronica and this enabled many people to see a glimpse of her world and clearly her lovely features hit a chord. Veronica who is also a cosmaker is a perfect example of cosplay and how this art form is gracing the world.

Victoria Centeno (Cosplay Girl) was recently highlighted on Modern Tokyo Times and both Victoria and Veronica are a cut above.  This applies to elegance, style, panache and both ladies ooze sophistication and open-up a world where cosplay, modeling, art and class come together.

Veronica is also invited to important cosplay conventions and for more than 5 years this graceful and stunning lady travelled all over Mexico and participated as a guest and luckily for the cosplay world she will continue to bless conventions in the future.

Cosplay appeals to Veronica because she can play and enter the world of her favourite characters. Also, Veronica loves cosplay because it increases self-confidence and natural skills like sewing, crafts, and learning about other cultures, is part of the cosplay world.

Veronica also gets great satisfaction when people recognize her cosplay and appreciate all the hard work put into the costume, make up, visual image, intricate designs and entering the world of the character on show.  This, to Veronica, is much more rewarding than trying to win competitions.

This fact, and the emphasis by Veronica on meeting new friends with similar interests, and being a cosmaker, is ample evidence that this lady is a true cosplayer.

Veronica hopes one day to visit Japan in order to experience the “culture, history, traditions, architecture, beliefs, and legends.” Also, with Veronica’s stunning looks and images which focus on “cuteness” then kawaii culture and fashion in Harajuku would surely interest this elegant lady.

Modelling and photography also appeals to Veronica and clearly both suit this talented lady.  Veronica also describes her style as “cute” because nearly all of her cosplay is based on characters which are cute.

The readership of Modern Tokyo Times will certainly support Veronica when she says her style is “cute” but add a little more by stating “amazingly cute and elegant.”

Hopefully one day this charming lady will grace Tokyo and Japan because “cosplay is in her heart” and her love of knowledge means that Veronica is a special lady. – Please visit Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE)

September 6, 2011

Victoria Centeno (Cosplay Girl) the Queen of Cosplay

Victoria Centeno (Cosplay Girl) the Queen of Cosplay

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Victoria Centeno is a cosplayer from America and this articulate young lady is clearly going places. Her looks are elegant, stylish and interactive and her charm is working wonders because Victoria is in demand. 

Axiom magazine named Victoria “The Queen of Cosplay” and she was also named the 28th “Most Famous American Cosplay Model” by and surely she will continue to rise.  Victoria was also highlighted by Entertainment Weekly in the article titled “Slave Leia: Some Assembly Required.”

The Slave Leia theme is certainly blossoming and Victoria with her stunning features, elegance and panache, became the official Slave Leia model for Gentle Giant studios. Japanese cosplay fans and international fans of Hatsune Miku would surely love to see Victoria in costumes showing this powerful image.

Victoria is also a model for the comic book “Terminal Alice” by Big City Comics and because of her versatility she can pull off countless numbers of different characters. Latina Magazine also featured Victoria and the same applies to being featured on Rolling Stone, MTV, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter and G4TV.

Dark Horse Comics also recognized the sparkle and sultry looks of Victoria because she was Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a national advert for this company. Victoria is also a model for the Preston and Steve show and her interviews include Newsarama, Supergirl Forever, Major Spoilers and Impulse Gamer.

Victoria in her free time loves to study Ancient Egyptian history and her hobbies include doll collecting, writing, video games and meditation. Therefore, the lady who can play so many characters is also extremely articulate and her horizons are deep.

The meditation angle and love of ancient Egyptian history adds to her charm and sophistication. Therefore, in the cosplay world Victoria stands out and this is why she is in such demand.  Also, I hasten to add that images of Victoria posing like Cleopatra suit this sultry lady because of her sublime looks and mysterious nature.

Victoria told the Modern Tokyo Times that she loves cosplay because of its creativity and artistic nature.  She stated that “I enjoy breathing life into characters that I love and respect. Cosplay is a form of self and artistic expression. I love the process and being creative.”

This comment by Victoria sums her up well because clearly this cosplayer and model is not only charming and sophisticated, but more important, her passion and energy stands out.

In Japan many cosplay fans will hope to see Victoria in many Hatsune Miku poses because this image is extremely potent in the land of the rising sun.

Irrespective of the character that Victoria plays or if she turns to modeling more, the simple truth is that her fan base will be waiting and encouraging her. 

Victoria is a lady with passion in abundance and the lady of today will be extremely different from the individual who took her first steps into the cosplay world.  However, the passion that enabled her to take this path is firmly entrenched within her soul and her fan base will wish her every success in the future.


Cosplay is very potent in Tokyo and throughout Japan and one day it is hoped that Victoria will grace the cosplayer scene in vibrant Tokyo.  Victoria Centeno  Victoria Centeno

All images provided by Victoria Centeno and please check her website for more information from this stunning cosplayer and model.  Her contact details is on her website.