Osaka fashion: Namba is buzzing and awash with fashion

Osaka fashion: Namba is buzzing and awash with fashion

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Osaka is a city which is full of energy and vibrancy and for fashion lovers the area of Namba is buzzing.  It is factual that Tokyo takes center stage in Japan but Osaka is remarkable in its own right and districts like Namba and Umeda can rival any districts in the world for high octane fashion, entertainment and confidence.

After residing in London, Manchester, New York, Osaka, Paris and Tokyo respectively, then both authors can vouch for the richness of Osaka and fashion districts like Namba and Umeda. Ladies in these districts who simply adore fashion have elegance, style and are oozing with confidence. 

Namba is vibrant all day long and changes accordingly and during the night-time it is entertainment which keeps this area alive and awash with people. The Dotonbori area also witnesses a sexual side to Namba and hostess clubs and stunning ladies are in abundance but within a structured beat.

However, during normal working hours the fashion angle of Namba is clear for all to see. Therefore, by simply browsing around you will witness countless different styles and many independent stores which cater for the needs of shoppers.

The waterway system is pleasant and you have a wide choice of restaurants and bars to visit. At all times it is noticeable that Namba ladies have their own fashion and style. This makes a lovely change from Paris and Tokyo respectively because you can feel the raw passion and energy of Namba ladies.

Namba attracts people because of the rich environment of this part of Osaka and Amerikamura, Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and the backstreets are full of stylish boutiques and independent styles.  Fashion comes alive because of the rich diversity of this area and it is essential to take your time and look around both the main areas and more secluded areas where real gems can be found.

Nipponbashi Den Den Tower is popular for people who like latest gadgets and anime. This also attracts a different client base but just like Akihabara in Tokyo you have side effects like maid café bars and a different energy can be felt.

In an earlier article written about Namba by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “The Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and adjacent area surrounding this shopping complex is awash with fashion.  True to the nature of Namba, it is also a fusion of trendy boutiques with an independent spirit alongside chain retail stores.”

Fashion in this area is really fascinating because of the options which are available.  Therefore, you have the high fashion of expensive department stores and influential designer labels and trendy boutiques.”

“However, you also have alternative fashion styles and if you venture around then it becomes clear that this area caters for many fashion styles.”

The complexity and size of fashion in Namba and stores which sell other goods is understood clearly by the fact that you have a reported 3,000 shops in and around the Amerikamura area alone. Therefore, when the whole of Namba is taken into consideration then it is clear that this district is a fashion Mecca for people who reside in Osaka and the surrounding region.

Boutiques like Urban Research,Unrelish, Clathas, Ozz Oneste, Anna Sui, Ships, C’est Jolie, Concolare, and many others, can be found and Namba Walks is another great place to visit for fashion. In Namba Walks you have around 270 shops which cater for fashion, daily goods, gourmet and a nice blend of café bars.

Also, Namba NanNan is a great place to visit for fashion and Unrelish, Fleuve, Clathas, Ozz Oneste, The Emporium, C’est Jolie, Concolare and other boutiques can be found in this trendy place.

Namba is not only about fashion, entertainment, electronic gadgets and restaurants because you have so much more to see and visit. This applies to the“National Bunraku Theater, Hozenji Yokocho Alley, Kuromon Ichiba Market (Emmeiji Market) and Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum.”

Therefore, if you love to mix fashion and culture then a visit to the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum is certainly worth visiting. This applies to stunning Japanese art and amazing color schemes.

Namba is a fantastic fashion district and this buzzing part of Osaka caters for electronics, anime, fashion, entertainment, restaurants, culture, and provides a nice waterway system for people to relax and enjoy.

Osaka is not in the shadow of Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai or Tokyo because this part of Japan is dynamic. Also, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and Wakayama are on the doorstep of Osaka and this adds to the entire richness of Western Japan.

If you adore fashion then Namba is a great place to visit and to feel the real energy of Osaka.  (Info about Namba)  – Unrelish fashion company The Emporium (Namba Walk info)  Ozz Oneste fashion company Clathas fashion company Namba Nan Nan (please visit)


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