Tokyo fashion: Ikebukuro street fashion and trendy boutiques


Tokyo fashion: Ikebukuro street fashion and trendy boutiques

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo is a vibrant city where modernity dominates but the old world is still alive and this applies to gardens, quaint Shinto shrines, museums, and with so many ukiyo-e artists being born in Tokyo or residing in Tokyo, then the richness of art and culture is a rich blessing.  Also, countless festivals are held throughout the city and you will witness traditional dress styles during many of these events.

Fashion in Tokyo is certainly a vast market and competition is enormous and this does not only apply to the countless number of fashion companies but also to places to visit. Given this reality, you have so many parts of Tokyo which are special and each area will be rich for different reasons.

In truth, if fashion is what you love then you are in paradise because you have many fashion districts in Tokyo and nothing remains static. The famous fashion districts of Harajuku, Omotesando, Aoyama, Shibuya, Ginza and Roppongi Hills stand out in tourist pamphlets or information from the internet.  However, Ikebukuro is buzzing and growing once more on the west side despite the east side being more popular. Also, Ebisu is a very elegant and sophisticated and many people are attracted to this chic part of Tokyo.

Yet you have other areas which may not be so famous to tourists like Daikanyama (well known to Tokyoites), Kichijoji, Nakano, Jiyugaoka, Shimo Kitazawa, Naka Meguro and other parts of Tokyo, but these places have their followers and each area is distinctive.

Ueno also should not be overlooked and recently more up-market companies have opened up for business in this district and this notably applies to Marui.  However, the Ameyokocho bazaar which caters for many products and the unusual rugged nature of Ueno, alongside the richness of museums in Ueno, means that this area is also buzzing to a different vibe.

Ikebukuro is not internationally famous like Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya but this part of Tokyo is extremely busy and Ikebukuro is the gateway for people who reside in Saitama. Also, you will not find the special feel of sophistication in Ikebukuro because of the environment which is firmly based on fashion and entertainment. 

Therefore, you will not find a stunning garden in Ikebukuro and it is difficult to feel the old world anywhere but despite this many Tokyoites throng to this area because of fashion and entertainment. 

Within the station complex you will find Lumine, Tobu Store and Seibu Store and for convenience then fashion within the Ikebukuro train station complex is amazing.  In recent times the new Fukutoshin train line further compliments the nature of fashion on the west side of Ikebukuro because you have many elegant boutiques. Therefore, the train complex area is buzzing with shoppers and commuters.

Sunshine City is also famous and near this complex you have a large animation store.  Marui and Parco are also based in Ikebukuro and clearly you have many fashion companies in this lively part of Tokyo.

Also, the youthfulness of culture can be felt and you have many universities in and around Ikebukuro.  However, Tobu and Seibu attract people from all age groups and the beauty of Ikebukuro is its simplicity.

Fashion is certainly thriving in Ikebukuro and the Lumine store is one of my favourite fashion stores in Tokyo because it is energetic, vibrant, refreshing and the color schemes, fabrics, styles, and other aspects of so many companies within Lumine, means that it is a pleasure to visit. 

Also, Lumine is opposite Tobu Store and with fashion developing near the Fukutoshin train line, then the closeness and energy is helping each company and the west side is full of vibrancy.  In saying that, the east side of Ikebukuro is where the majority of entertainment is and you also have fashion companies and other types of shopping.

The youthful image alongside lovely boutiques from the Fukutoshin train line area to Lumine and Tobu Store means the pulling power of Ikebukuro is increasing. Also, with Seibu Department Store being on the east side, then the train complex is really buzzing.

Lumine is awash with many elegant fashion companies and it is very difficult to just mention one company but I have a soft-spot for SmackyGlam (Smacky Glam). This company is based in other parts of Tokyo.

SmackyGlam in Lumine provides a stunning layout which is matched by quality and sheer energy alongside sophistication, exquisite color schemes and sublime fashion products, which suit the modern Tokyo lady and the modern international lady.

The fabrics of SmackyGlam are high class and the fashion is so graceful and other companies throughout Lumine are also very exquisite.  However, the ambience and layout certainly takes the eye at this company.

In another article I state that “….it is clear that space, design of the layout and the show of the products on offer is part and parcel of this exquisite company.  Smacky Glam therefore utilizes the natural environment of the Lumine layout and creates an image of modernity, style, and elegance.”

“The high quality fabric, adorable color collections, quality fashion, and exquisite décor all adds to an amazing shopping experience where space and fashion is fused to create an atmosphere of ambience amidst exquisite fashion.”

Lumine caters for fashion companies which have created an atmosphere of luxury, modernity, creativity and a sense of knowing the trend and being in control of new designs which will enter the market.  Therefore, Tokyoites and tourists should visit this part of Tokyo and experience the buzz of fashion and on the top floors you also have an abundance of restaurants to cater for your relaxation and pleasure. 

Tobu and Seibu stores also cater for lovely fashion and you can buy many other types of products. Therefore, collectively each company is helping Ikebukuro to grow and prosper and with so many boutiques to visit then Ikebukuro is certainly a place to enjoy shopping.  –  Smacky Glam    –  Sanyo i Store (Sanyo Shokai Ltd)  (3rd article from the top shows some images of Lumine in Ikebukuro)  


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