Japanese mobile phone companies looking to expand globally

Japanese mobile phone companies looking to expand globally

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Kyocera Zio M6000 Android Smartphone

Kyocera Zio M6000 Android Smartphone

The Japanese mobile sector internally is very dynamic and latest features are added frequently in order to suit consumers in Japan.  However, in the global arena it is not so easy for Japanese mobile companies therefore phone makers are hoping to utilize Google’s Android mobile operating system in order to become competitive in the global arena.

Mobile phones in Japan have many fantastic features and this applies to displaying digital TV broadcasts and a host of other features which appeal internally.  Also, mobile phones have been installed with the usage of being credit cards and for many people this innovation makes the mobile more convenient.  After all, it adds to the importance of the mobile phone and at the same time it is very convenient.

However, in the international arena then it is clear that Japanese mobile phone companies are lagging behind international companies.  Therefore, competitors like Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung, Research in Motion, and others, have a head start.

It must be stated that Nokia is losing its share of the market therefore this company is going to restructure and refocus on new innovations and systems in order to shore up their market share. 

It is abundantly clear that this market is very competitive and Japanese companies now desire to enhance their reputation by focusing on the global market.  Therefore, Sharp is looking to Android smartphones in order to take a slice of the apple pie in the North American market and in other parts of the world.

Sharp is the number one mobile phone maker in Japan and Kyocera, NEC, and Sony Ericsson are all focusing on the android operating system in order to revamp their image and to become globally competitive.

Google Android is ranked second in the smartphone market behind BlackBerry from Research in Motion in the American market.  However, in the last quarter of 2010 the Google Android share of the market went up from 21.4% to 28.7% and this potential is what Japanese companies are looking to in order to nurture their technology and challenge other foreign competitors.

Japanese phone makers also must address the hardware versus software problem because this is hindering them.  In the past Japanese companies neglected the apps system but the iPhone is very popular in Japan and now Japanese companies are revamping their thinking and are playing catch up in order to solve this weakness within their methodology.

Kyocera have created a system whereby the smartphone can run two separate apps at once and they are poised to enter their Android-based smartphone into America.  Kyocera, and other Japanese mobile companies, are now hoping to use innovation within Japan and fuse this with the best of global innovation.

If history tells us anything, then the share of the market may once more change and Japanese mobile phone companies may be able to challenge global leaders in the smartphone sector like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG, and Research in Motion. 

One thing for certain is that this sector is very dynamic and with the advancements of new technology then “in companies” can soon become “out companies.”  In this sense, Japanese mobile companies are hoping to become “in companies” in the global arena.



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