Japanese car companies stand out in Consumer Reports

Japanese car companies stand out in Consumer Reports
Lee Jay Walker
Modern Tokyo Times

Honda came first

Honda came first

Despite the constant negativity stated about Japan and the rise of China and other developing nations, it is clear that Japan still leads in many vital areas. The latest Consumer Reports about the car sector clearly highlight the reliability and adaptability of the automobile sector in Japan. For the top three automakers all came from Japan and this applies to Honda Motor Co., Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. and despite recent setbacks Toyota Motors Corp. was amongst the top three.

The automobile sector should make Japan very proud because this sector is very competitive and innovation, high quality technicians, the business ethic and so forth, is all behind this great success.

Car buyers are clearly influenced by this highly credible magazine and the ratings are based on many factors. This applies to reliability and road tests and while the report stated that Ford Motor Co. had made the largest ratings gain this still did not enable Ford Motor Co. to reach the top three.

Volvo, Ford and Hyundai, all did well but top spot went to Honda with 74 points out of 100 and clearly this company is highly respected globally. Honda was followed closely by Subaru which was just one point behind Honda and three points further back with 71 points was Toyota Motor Corp.

Therefore, the Japanese automobile sector is still setting the global standard and clearly the same applies to other companies in other sectors. After all, when it comes to manufacturing, state of the art technology, and high science; then Japan is clearly amongst the elites in the world.

The worst ranking went to Chrysler Group LLC and despite the strong image of Mercedes-Benz and BMW; they also did badly in the report. Another major company that was near the bottom was General Motors and clearly these companies could learn many things from the Japanese automobile sector.

Consumer Reports spoke highly about the reliability record of Honda and this fits in well with the founding father of this company because he was very ambitious. Meanwhile Subaru had the highest score when it came to road-tests and Subaru was praised in the magazine when it came to dependable all-wheel-drive vehicles.

The magazine also had a lot of comfort for Toyota because the Prius hybrid, Sienna minivan and the RAV4 small sport utility vehicle were highlighted for the strengths of each vehicle. Other cars which were highlighted include the Nissan Altima and Honda Fit budget car.

Overall, it is clear that the automobile sector in Japan is very buoyant and this also applies to other sectors where Japanese technology and work methodologies are combining together with state of the art technology.




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