New Zealand earthquake kills many and 28 Japanese missing

New Zealand earthquake kills many and 28 Japanese missing

 Lee Jay Walker

 Modern Tokyo Times

Earthquake hits New Zealand

Earthquake hits New Zealand

 According to latest figures the death toll in New Zealand is now 145 after the devastating earthquake which hit Christchurch.  It sadly seems likely that this figure will rise because around 200 people are still unaccounted for and each passing hour is leading to more heartache and pain.

Currently you have many nations who are involved in helping New Zealand during this time of pain and sorrow.  The multinational nature resembles the fact that of the 200 people missing it is reported that they come from twenty different nations.  Of this number you have 28 Japanese nationals who are missing and they, along with all nationals, are causing concerns because you have little information about the current state of affairs.

However, it seems more than likely that the death toll will sadly rise and hope will diminish with each passing hour.  Therefore, it is essential that aid agencies and government network systems pull all their resources together in order to provide much needed information and help.

The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.3 and rescue operations are ongoing near the collapsed CTV building where many students are feared to be trapped.  This building houses the King’s Education language school and many foreign nationals were attracted to this language school because of the serene surroundings of Christchurch and the courses which were provided.

It is clear that disaster-relief teams are working under harsh conditions but they are bravely doing their utmost amidst the devastation of the earthquake.  Yukio Yoshii who hails from the disaster-relief team which was sent by Japan offered brave words.

Yukio Yoshii stated that “Although we are exhausted our operations are proceeding smoothly.”  These words will be welcomed by all who hope for a ray of sunshine amidst the pain and anguish of family members and friends who wait with hope, despite the dark clouds which engulf them and fill them with deep sadness and pain.

On Friday it had been hoped that Japanese family members could visit the scene in order to be near their missing family members.  However, given the ongoing tremors then this had to be abandoned after local authorities refused them permission because of the dangerous situation.

Rescue teams on Friday searched houses near the epicenter of the earthquake and into beachside areas where great damage was done.  Different international teams from Australia, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States, worked alongside New Zealand teams in Christchurch and they all offered each other encouragement and a sense of unity.

Missing students from China, India, Japan, and Taiwan, alongside the deaths of locals and missing local people; is a reminder of the international nature of the modern world. The Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, said “For those people in those far off places, your families are our families; your children are our children.”

Mayor Bob Parker promised that rescue searchers would not abandon hope and this will offer some comfort.  For now, people can only wait and hope that more survivors will be found and the following 24 hours to 48 hours will be crucial.


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