India is giving Sony a major boost

India is giving Sony a major boost

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sony is increasing its market share in India

Sony is increasing its market share in India

India is “a fresh of air” for Sony because sales of their products continue to grow and the growing middle class in this nation means that the immediate future is extremely good in this vibrant market.  Therefore, while Sony is being challenged by other major competitors in the North American market and other established markets; it is clear that nations like India are enabling Sony to maintain its global vitality.

Sales are very vibrant in India and the flat-panel TVs market is being dominated by Sony and sales of digital cameras and other gadgets are being snapped up in this nation.  Therefore, it is vital that Sony makes the most of this opportunity in order to re-vitalize sluggish areas in other parts of the world or to revamp new technology and market targets.

According to figures released the size of share for the digital camera market in India is 40% for Sony.  Sony also accounts for 34% of the flat-panel TVs market and this is boosting the company and hopefully this new spirit will trickle down to other major developing markets.  After all, Sony is famous for state of the art technology and innovation and the business cycle can change rapidly in such a dynamic sector.

In recent times it is clear that Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co. have eaten into the market share in North America and it would appear that Sony is lagging behind.  Therefore, it is hoped that nations like India will install a fresh vitality into a trusted and respected company.

Sony clearly had an India strategy and this applies to developing strong ties to small and midsize retailers across India.  At the same time Sony spent well on marketing functions and this enhanced the reputation.  However, in truth, Sony already had a strong brand image within India and now all the hard work is paying dividends.

It is true that global rivals have had a negative effect on sales of Sony products in highly developed markets in North America and other parts of the world.  Also, it is clear that Sony is in a very competitive field and state of the art technology is never ending and added to this is price mechanisms, adaptability, new innovation, and other vital factors.

It is therefore hoped that Sony will re-invigorate their sales in developing markets like China and India, and others, and that this will enable Sony to create a new approach in order to strengthen their sales in traditional markets. 

Given the growing strength of China and India, and other emerging markets like Brazil, then it is essential that Sony develops and prospers in these markets. 

It appears that India will enable Sony to strengthen its international image and to move into new markets and it is hoped that this catalyst will then enable Sony to refocus on past markets but with new vitality and confidence.  In other words, it is hoped that the “old Sony” will rise from the “new Sony” in order to stabilize and then expand their market share but with a new multinational approach which will blend within the confidence of the “old Sony.”


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